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Management training about the grief process from an HR perspective

The work environment presents unique challenges to both the manager(s) and employees touched by the loss. Address the critical need to train your managers on handling workplace grief and crisis issues. We give you the tools needed to assist you in expressing empathy while regaining employee productivity.


Coaching for Individual Employees

Tools to help you manage your grief. The opportunity to talk with someone who is caring and compassionate. The acknowledgement and encouragement to help you work through change. Support and understanding to help you put your loss in perspective. The needed challenges to continue moving forward


Keynote Speaking on a variety of grief topics

Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational speaker to a variety of groups and organizations. She has a number of topics that may be of interest to your group. Talks or workshops can be tailored to your group's specific needs.


Lunch & Learn Training Programs

Inspiring and compassionate workshops provide much needed information and guidance in handling the topic of grief, death and loss at work. Knowing what to say and how to support a person experiencing a life-altering situation can make a big different in how your employees view you and the company.

Most Popular Courses

  • One-to-One virtual grief coaching
  • Know What to Say and Do Before a Crisis
  • Individual/Employee grief coaching
  • Need a mentor coach for your coaching business?
  • Eulogy - Deliver the right words when it matters most
  • Is there really HUMOR in the grief process?

Additional Resources Offered

Lily with Cross

Asked to write an eulogy?

For many, it is difficult to put into words the deep and loving feelings you want to say when asked to give a eulogy. With coaching  you will find just the right words that will capture the thoughts and feelings you wish to express and be ready to stand in front of your peers, coworkers, friends and family and deliver a memorable eulogy that you can be proud of.

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Angel Teddy Bears

Angel Teddy Bears to express your feelings

Let one of our angel teddy bears express your love, sorrow and support to someone special in your life. Your bear can send a special message of comfort and compassion! For some occasions flowers are the perfect expression of sympathy but not always. Our bears offer another option for expressing your sympathy.

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The Road Ahead Book

The Road Ahead - After the Funeral

The book offers practical advice for rebuilding a life after the loss of a spouse or partner. While there are many books filled with information describing grief and how to manage it, there is little information about what to expect, how to survive and make it through everyday life on your own - often for the first time.

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