Answers to your questions about grief coaching in the workplace and how it can help your team!

The work environment is a lot more complex than ever before. Employees want to feel that you care for them, that you will give them understanding and empathy surrounding their feelings of loss. Many issues affect your employees today. Everything from death in the family or a co-worker, downsizing, job loss, retirement, serious illness either themselves, a family member or a co-worker impacts them at home and travels with them to the office. Workshops and training sessions are designed to work in conjunction with your managers as an additional resource to your Human Resources department or staff. All too often your managers are not trained or even trusted to discuss issues of this nature.

Grief coaching is not therapy or a replacement for your company’s Employee Assistance Program. It is also not a replacement for psychotherapy or counseling from a mental health professional. If such psychological or medical attention is needed by the affected employee or those he or she works with they are referred to their own doctor to see further professional assistance.

Everyone experiences grief in their own way and time. We offer some unique assistance that combines Coach Linda Trignano’s training in coaching, grief facilitation, and human resources. The combination of those skills can be offered in one-on-one support and care for the manager, team or company experiencing the grief or loss. A focus is on the effect that the loss is having on productivity and how to handle ongoing work with sensitivity balanced with the company’s need to do the work at hand. 

Additionally, grief coaching provides the tools and guidance to foster understanding as the team and company work through the loss and manages the business with compassion. Your employee(s) will be grateful for your sensitivity.


For some, the holiday season brings a heightened sense of sadness as well as the stress of changed traditions. The holidays can be an especially difficult time for people grieving the death of a loved one or in the middle of a life-altering transition such as job loss or divorce. Family and friends often want to help but don’t know how.

We have designed a workshop to give your staff comfort and support as well as offer practical tips for dealing with grief and loss during the holidays.