Loss of a Nephew Who Was Like a Son - Managing Grief in the Workplace



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Carla Capezzi talks about the tragic accident and death of her nephew during a bike race. As a single woman, she relates how Andrew was like the son she never had and was closer to him then most people are to their own flesh and blood.

Carla talks about her employer, Rutgers University’s compassionate support and how much it meant to her during her bereavement. She felt highly valued during this difficult time in her life. Her immediate manager took on the difficult task of telling Carla’s co-workers about Andrew’s death and then offered grief counseling support to her on an on-going basis for quite a few weeks. 

“The support that was provided made me feel like I was a valued member the University community. It made me feel that they cared about how this was impacting me as a worker and as a person.”

Carla talks about returning to work and how compassionate and supportive her co-workers were. She explains how important it was for her to speak about Andrew and to have others listen and understand the grieving she was going through. 

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