An Executive’s Unexpected Journey - Managing Grief in the Workplace

Ron Gold talks about a bike ride that put him on a path he never expected to take and forever changed his life. After being hit and seriously injured by an SUV, Ron’s successful 25-year career on Wall Street ended abruptly. He went through five months of hospitalization and therapy and returned home to begin a new life that depended on full-time home care.

That need set him on the path of entrepreneurship that today has helped thousands who have similar needs. Coach Linda explores his decision to leave his job on Wall Street despite managers who would have eagerly accepted him back to his prior job and instead start his company Lean On We.


We are not diminished by less than a "perfect" functioning body. If we're lucky, we can be "bigger than" and it sounds like you're well on your way to that Ron.

The Lean On We website explains that he started LeanOnWe with a focus on delivering a better home care experience at a more affordable price. Not only does LeanOnWe solve a widespread, enduring problem faced by millions of households, but it has also given Ron a new purpose in life and he’s committed to making it work.

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