A Teacher's Sudden Loss - Managing Grief in the Workplace


Teresa Bittner talks about the devastating loss of her husband in a motorcycle accident and how her school district rallied around her and her family after his death. She was teaching middle school science, and absolutely loved it. She choose that career to have more time with her husband and the boys.

“”The thing I remember about the day my husband died was the incredible support from my school district and people there to take care of everything for my two sons and myself.”

 Her husband Chris was an avid motorcyclist who loved the freedom of it and rode his bike out most days, weather permitting. The morning that changed Teresa’s life started out pretty much like every other morning. Chris worked from home for a bit then headed off to work. A normal morning with saying goodbye to Chris, getting the kids off to school and going to work. Listen to Teresa talk about the outpouring of support from her school principal, peers, and the community as she and her sons struggled to make it through the sudden death of her husband.

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