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Downsizing Grief Takes Its Toll

Thanks for coming to listen to my podcast(s). The podcasts are a collection of conversations with employees and managers in both large and small companies. They share their stories of support (or lack of) that they have personally experienced.  My guests talk about working through their grief or illness while continuing to perform their job responsibilities. 

I hope that their stories will help managers and company leaders to foster understanding and compassion while attempting to keep productivity up. The two are not mutually exclusive and are very achievable. The end result is beneficial for both the company and the employee.

Click on any of the podcasts to listen. If you have an idea or would like to be a guest with a story that might help others, call me, email or contact me.

An Executive’s Unexpected Journey Ron Gold talks about a bike ride that put him on a path he never expected to take and forever changed his life. After being hit

Justin Veatch lost to a drug overdose

GRIEVING THE LOSS OF A CHILD TO DRUGS Jeffery Veatch talks about living with the painful loss of his son Justin, a talented musician who tragically died of an accidental

Bike race on road

LOSS OF A NEPHEW WHO WAS LIKE A SON   Carla Capezzi talks about the tragic accident and death of her nephew during a bike race. As a single woman,

DOUBLE GRIEF - A GRANDMOTHER AND A PET    Pamela Putman talks about the lack of understanding and support two different companies showed during two different losses in her life

Man on motorcycle seen from a distance

A TEACHER'S SUDDEN LOSS Teresa Bittner talks about the devastating loss of her husband in a motorcycle accident and how her school district rallied around her and her family after

Woman Before Gravestone

THE SUDDEN LOSS OF A HUSBAND   April Ford talks about the sudden loss of her husband who also worked in the same department at Intel as she did. April

DOWNSIZING GRIEF TAKES ITS TOLL     Pat Werscherl talks about how downsizing affected her and her team, which she considered to be like family. During a large corporate merger

A MOTHER'S LOVING CARE   Kaitlin Kurdyla talks about discovering her baby's cancer two weeks after returning to work after maternity leave and the support system that carried her through