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Workplace grief can make balancing productivity and compassion a difficult challenge for your managers. Most managers do not have the experience, tools or training needed for handling today’s workplace grief challenges. Training programs put in place before a need arises is most effective. 

Training programs put in place before a need arises is most effective.

Grief Coaching - How it Helps Your Business

Linda Trignano

As a grief coach, human resources manager and facilitator who has guided many individuals and companies through the emotional impact of grief, I know that the interactions you have with the person who is experiencing loss, as well as your team, can have a lasting effect on how they feel about you and the company going forward.

The work environment presents unique challenges to those managing someone touched by grief. Even though grief is a normal part of life, talking about it and managing it is often difficult and complex.

Grief in the workplace encompasses many losses other than death. Most of today’s managers feel ill-equipped to handle grief within their teams or workforce. Add to this the fact that communication skills are at a low point in many companies today and you can see why many managers lack the skills to speak to his or her employee experiencing a loss.

Let me guide you with my skills and experience in the area of grief in the workplace.

HR Grief Consultation

Providing timely expert assistance will help you to resolve any grief in the workplace business issue.The acknowledgement and encouragement needed to work through grief and loss.

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Training Programs

This service helps our clients to handle different situations from the compassion and understand side of the business. Services include workshops, Lunch & Learn, Manager training sessions.


Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational speaker to a variety of groups and organizations. She has a number of topics that may be of interest to your group. Talks or workshops can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

On-on-One Meetings

Individual discussions with your staff to ensure that their emotions and concerns are addressed. Often during these talks, concerns surrounding workload and reassignments during illness or loss surface.

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"Even though grief is a normal part of life, talking about it and managing through it is often difficult and complex"
Linda Trignano
Grief Coach