Grieving Online - Managing Grief in the Workplace

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Social media has added a new dimension to the grieving process

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In just a few short years, we have seen and accepted the web as a way to connect and express our feelings of grief. facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other sites are now used to connect and console others.

Your company leaders, Human Resource managers and employees need to understand what is and is not acceptable behavior when sharing personal information about others online.

Our lunch and learn program is a quick and effective way to ensure that all are honoring HIPA privacy laws while offering sympathy. Reach us at 1-551-800-1127.

Other services we offer

HR Consultation

Our service usually starts with a consultation to understand your unique situation. A customized program is then provided that will help you resolve your grief in the workplace people and business issues.

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Training programs

Our training programs are designed to help our clients proactively handle the different personal and group situations that grief encompasses. Services include Workshops, Lunch & Learn, Manager Sensitivity Training.

one-on-one Meetings

Individual discussions with your staff to ensure that their emotions and concerns are addressed. Concerns about workload and reassignments often surface during these meetings.