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The best way to determine how I can help you and support your employee(s) and team through grief, loss and difficult life transitions is with a brief consultation. 

If you would like to have a discussion or more information on how I can assist you and your teams through workplace grief coaching, training or speaking, call or email. I offer one-to-one consulting through personalized focus on your business to increase your company’s understanding about grief and how it impacts your work environment. Also available to you are lunch and learn sessions or a consult with your management team guiding them through the need for compassion and understanding when dealing with any type of loss.

Please provide the information below and include any specific issues you and your team are currently experiencing regarding grief in the workplace or if you prefer, call now at 1-551-800-1127

How I Can Help You?

Individual Coaching

Tools to help you manage your grief. The opportunity to talk with someone who is caring and compassionate. The acknowledgement and encouragement to help you work through change. Support and understanding to help you put your loss in perspective. The needed challenges to continue moving forward.For more information on how individual coaching can benefit your company, group, school, association or individuals reach out to us for a conversation that will help you understand how coaching within the grief setting works for your organization.

Management Training on the grief process

The work environment presents unique challenges to both the manager(s) and employees touched by the loss. Address the critical need to train your managers on handling workplace grief and crisis issues. We give you the tools needed to assist you in expressing empathy while regaining employee productivity.If you are looking to ensure that your managers handle grieving employees based on knowledge of the grief process connect with us to see how we can help your managers increase their skills.

Call or email today.

Call or email today.

Lunch & Learn

Inspiring and compassionate workshops provide much needed information and guidance on how to handling the topic of grief, death and loss at your workplace. Knowing what to say and how to support a person experiencing a life-altering situation can make a big different in how your employees view you and the company.For more information on hosting a lunch & learn workshop for your company, group, school, association or individuals reach out to us for our program offerings.


Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational speaker to a variety of groups and organizations. She has a number of topics covering what to day and do with your employees during times of grief and loss that may be of interest to your group. Talks or workshops can be tailored to your group's specific needs.For more information on Linda’s speaking, training, and lunch & learn workshops for your company, group, school, association or individuals call or email.

Call or email today.

Call or email today.