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Are You and Your Team Prepared for Grief?

The aftermath of the tragic events last week in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota impacted not only the police department or the families of Alton Sterling or Philando Castile, but many others who were personally connected to the individuals or their families as well as many who knew or worked with them. I’m speaking about the…
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No Regrets!

When Marie was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a few months to live, her family and friends responded to her in different ways. Some offered support by calling, visiting, or sending cards expressing their caring and love. But others, those that she most expected and really needed to feel their loving support did not…
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Handling Grief in the Workplace – Pt. 2

Part 2 Advice for Helping the Grieving Work Team Stacey, a dedicated employee of a mid-sized accounting firm, suffered a heart attack in her late forties. After the standard medical leave time, she had to take additional time to fully recover from the heart attack. She shared with me that her manager was OK about…
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