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Are You and Your Team Prepared for Grief?

The aftermath of the tragic events last week in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota impacted not only the police department or the families of Alton Sterling or Philando Castile, but many others who were personally connected to the individuals or their families as well as many who knew or worked with them. I’m speaking about the…
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Grief and Loss: What Should I Do and Say?

Recently I learned that a dear friend’s mother passed away. As I collected myself, I had a number of thoughts and feelings, which included sadness and concern for my grieving friend. I thought I would list a few questions that most of us ask ourselves when hearing about a loss. Perhaps it will give you some…
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No Regrets!

When Marie was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a few months to live, her family and friends responded to her in different ways. Some offered support by calling, visiting, or sending cards expressing their caring and love. But others, those that she most expected and really needed to feel their loving support did not…
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