Grief in the workplace Coaching

How it Helps Your Business

Grief in the workplace encompasses not only death, but many other losses and the work environment presents unique challenges in dealing with grief while keeping productivity up. Grief is one of the most difficult workplace events for managers to deal with positively, proactively and productively.

As a grief coach, human resources manager and facilitator, I have guided many managers, teams, individuals and companies through the jagged, demoralizing grief journey. I have seen first-hand how critical it is for the company to have a plan in place to deal with the devastating, costly impact grief can have on the person who is experiencing loss as well as the entire company. With grief it is not a question of whether or not it will hit your company, it is a question of when.

To be prepared for “When”.

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HR Grief Consultation

Our service usually starts with a consultation to understand your unique situation. A customized program is then provided that will help you resolve your grief in the workplace people and business issues.

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Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to help our clients proactively handle the different personal and group situations that grief encompasses. Services include Workshops, Lunch & Learn, Manager Sensitivity Training.

One-on-One Meetings

Our meetings ensure that individual concerns are addressed. Often during these talks, issues surrounding workload and reassignments surface.

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Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational, motivational speaker. Talks or workshops are tailored to your group’s specific grief in the workplace needs.​

Grief and Loss

Today there is a much greater acceptance and usage of the web as a way to connect and express our feelings of grief. Social media has added a new dimension to the grieving process. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other online sites are now used to connect to others. 

Is your company addressing the need to guide your response to grief and loss on the web while maintaining the sensitivity and understanding the grieving individual needs? If not, connect with us today to put a training session in place for you.

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